Anuoluwapo Juwon Opeyori

Welcome to my page! Here you can learn a bit more about me and what I am doing, join my quest to make history in African badminton, and even contact me and my team!

Join the Quest for Olympic glory!

This year I'm on a quest to qualify for the Olympic Games! A huge milestone on my journey to make history for all Africans by becoming the first African to reach the knockout phase of the Olympics and become the highest-ranked African in history...

I am currently on course to qualify for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games but I need to stay ahead of the competition with a final push to end qualification on a high.

So will you help me and join the quest?

First of all

Anuoluwapo Opeyori - Africa's Top Badminton Player

Hi I'm Anu,

The top badminton player in Nigeria and Africa, the current and 3 times African Champion. The journey has been long and it's still not over...

I grew up like most Nigerians, going to school, playing football with my friends, and helping my family. At 8 years old I became obsessed, I heard those shuttles flying through the air and I was hooked. From that point, I trained none stop with my brother, leaving home, being homeless, my brother sacrificing his dream for mine, and fighting against better-funded players.

These are fights I still have today, funding my progression as a player, competing against better-funded players and training as a professional. The only difference now? I am a champion, a proven winner, and know I have what it takes to go further...

Not to mention

Work with me...

I am driven to work with organisations and people to have a positive impact as a professional athlete. Whether that be to support your business growth, change your business perception, communicate your message, bring awareness to a great product, motivate your employees or give back to the communities you care about.

There are so many dynamic ways we could work together to solve your business challenges, my partner's seeker sports will support us from start to finish. A solution could just be a call away.


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